Security information and correct use of the AquaLilyPad

Corresponding with all activity oriented water recreational devices

  • Whenever an ideal, secure location for fastening the Aqua Pads has been found, attach the elastic band to the mooring area or your anchor. Should you choose to leave the Aqualilypad in the water for a longer period, we suggest that you attach a visible buoy or flag.
  • The Aqualilypad is desigend for use on a large water surface with a minimum depth of 30 to 35 centimeters. Make sure to attach the Aquapad well away from any boat traffic and areas with possible obstacles. This also includes waterplants, driftwood, sandbanks etc. Do not use the product on land.
  • This product is designed for leisure and recrational purposes. It does not feature any braking - or control unit.
  • The Aquapad may not be towed or pushed by a boat. Towing my be dangerous and can damage the product.
  • The Aqualilypad should not be used as a swimming aid for unpractised swimmers.
  • Use common sense when utilizing the device!
  • Children must be observed by an adult at any time when playing with the Aquapad.
  • The Aqualilypad must always be visible on the water surface. The luminous and bright color of the pad do not replace any further markers i.e. flags, buoys etc. DO NOT USE THE AQUAPAD DURING BAD WEATHER, STORM, POOR VISIBILITY OR IN THE DARK. Make sure to store the Aquapad off the water surface when not in use.