Guarantee and warranty

We supply the Aqualilypad with a 1-year guarantee. The guarantee limited to 1 year is given by Aqualilypad and applies for products that have been bought in Europe.

As long as the product(s) are in the buyer's possession, a 1-year guarantee applies for material defects or errors in workmanship if the product is new and has been supplied in its original packaging. Damaged products can be returned to Aqualilypad or an authorised service centre. If the product is marked as damaged after an inspection, the buyer will receive a new product or damage parts will be repaired, where possible. The duration of guarantee for the replacement part is subject to the guarantee provisions.

If you would like to return a product pursuant to the guarantee provisions, Aqualilypad must first be contacted to obtain a return consignment number. The product must be supplied in its original packaging with proof of purchase and a full explanation of the problem to Aqualilypad. Postage fees must be paid in advance. Products that are subject to these guarantee provisions will be returned to the buyer without further charges.

This 1-year guarantee covers all defects in normal use and does not apply for the following cases:

  • Loss or damage to the product through misuse; wrong handling; modification; accident; improper use; errors in the maintenance or storage; services by a service organisation not authorised by Aqualilypad; or damage caused by force majeure such as storm damage or damage by animals.
  • Wear beyond normal use and/or weather or surface damage by sharp objects or animals.
  • Fading and/or wear of the surface through UV sunlight over a long period of time (such as noted in the care and maintenance provisions).
  • Loss or damage to the product through towing or improper mooring.
  • Loss or damage to the product through pressure conditions caused by jumping onto the Aqualilypad from other objects or caused by pressure conditions resulting from pulling the Aquapad tight during use.

No implicit guarantee (or other provision) or implied guarantee (or other provision) applies for the product in the event of marketability or suitability for a particular purpose pursuant to the explicit applicable guarantee duration as described above. No explicit guarantee or warranty expressed by another person, company or enterprise in connection with the product can be claimed for Aqualilypad beyond the provisions described above.

Aqualilypad cannot be made responsible for loss of turnover or earnings, for savings deposits not made or for benefits not realised or for any other special damage incurred or resulting from this, caused by the use, the misuse or the inability to use, without taking into account the established court practice on which such legal action can be based, even if the possibility of such damage has been notified to Aqualilypad. In addition, the amount of any kind of compensation that is requested from Aqualilypad may not be greater than the purchase price of the product purchased from Aqualilypad that has caused the damage.

Without restriction to the aforementioned provisions, the user assumes all risk and all liability for loss, damage or injuries to the user or his/her property and to other persons and their property which are caused by the use, misuse or the inability to be used of any products sold by Aqualilypad and are not incurred directly through negligence in the use of Aqualilypad products. The 1-year guarantee does not extend to other persons who are not the initial buyers of the product.

This 1-year guarantee grants you special statutory rights; additional statutory provisions vary depending on local established court practice.