The AquaLilyPad – the water fun for leisure enjoyment and relaxation

Just imagine you could stand, walk or lie on water... With the AquaLilyPad, you can! The Pad made of cross-linked polyethylene foam floats on the surface of the water without any other aids - even if you happen to be on it at that moment. You can even lie or sit on the AquaLilyPad with a sun lounger or a deckchair!

The Pad is the ideal playground on water for children. We give free rein to children's creativity as they arguably know best what to do with the mat.

For fans of water sports, the Pad is also suitable, for instance, for taking a break from water skiing or diving out on the water.

Try it out and enjoy a relaxed afternoon on the water with the AquaLilypad.

Mat dimensions:
rolled out Width 180cm / Length 550cm / Thickness 3.5cm
rolled up: Diameter of the roll 60cm / Length 180cm

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